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With drug tests as part of the major requirement in many transactions such as employment, acquisition of licenses, admission to various institutions, etc., it is understandable why there are a lot of people out there willing to do anything to cheat on drug tests. Many may have gotten away with it, but the government and other laboratory specialists have caught on with this illegal practice.

But how exactly do these cheaters do it? You will be surprised by how ingenious these people can get!

The first method is through exercise and giving “clean” samples. Although this is not the best method, sometimes it does work. Exercise weeks or months before the scheduled test is said to help burn the chemicals in the system. Others simply urinate many times a day before doing so for the sample. They also do not give the first stream of their urine.

The second method is dilution. Cheaters saturate their bodies with fluids or substances that will dilute metabolites. Some eat red meat three days prior to the test, since this protein source is able to boost creatinine levels to normal. Others color their urine samples by orally taking 50 to 100 mg of vitamin B2 and/or B12 prior to the tests. Non-caffeinated diuretics are the duping method of some. Fluids such as cranberry juice and other commercially available herbal diuretics are used by most cheaters. Lastly, there are also those who go into a high fiber diet days to weeks before the actual drug test.

The third popular method is the use of chemical screens. There are various chemicals out there that can be taken orally to mask traces of drugs in urine. One effective chemical is good-old aspirin. Taking four aspirins hours before the test itself might help interfere.

The fourth method is doping, which is the spiking of the urine samples with other chemicals. One chemical used for this method is unscented bleach crystals that have been ground to a fine powder to a diluted sample. Another is a brand name powdered additive. Even hot water (between 91 and 97 degrees) can be used for doping the urine sample.

The last method is substitution. Cheaters simply give clean urine samples that are not theirs, especially if the dug test is not being supervised. If it is, some get away by simply refusing to be watched while urinating. For authenticity, some cheaters even leave a few drops of urine on the seat, for females, or the shoe, for males. Most cheaters use a concealed container. This is tricky though, especially if the test is being supervised. Even if the monitors stay outside the bathroom door, they listen carefully for containers being opened. Many cheaters have been quite resourceful with this. They use rubber containers that can be strapped on or taped to their persons. And where do they get “clean” urine? The most obvious is from a “clean” urine donor. Another is from powdered urine, which can be bought (there are commercially available powdered urine), or self-made. One resource can be the cheaters’ pet dogs.

It is no wonder that many profit-oriented companies are greedy enough not to leave this amazingly large number of potential market untapped. Never mind if it is illegal to adulterate samples. As long as they get the big bucks, these companies will hawk miracle detox products that are not so miraculous at all. Well, not all consumers are stupid enough to buy the lies. There are good and honest citizens who still realize that the best way to pass a drug test is to be clean in the first place.