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College Life and Alcohol

College life as we know it is full of parties and of course drinking. The life in a college dorm rarely goes by without a drink and many teens are addicted to the many alcoholic beverages that are sold although out the United States. The most probable drink is beer which is known to be consumed in cases at a regular night party. Most of those who steer away from the consumption of alcoholic beverages are considered to be “Geeks” and are generally outcast from the normal college communities such as fraternities and sororities that abound. These student organizations have alcohol consumption within their long history and most have had problems with the law and even had violent crimes when alcohol is combined with drugs of all shapes and sizes. The two are almost inseparable due to their prevalent use in clubs and by college students.

They have resulted in many criminal acts and cases that have been brought about by the excessive consumption of alcohol. Alcohol is not considered as a drug by the US Department of Health and Human Services with many recognizing the problem and enforcing stricter regulation with heavier penalties for those caught selling these alcoholic beverages to minors. Alcohol levels can be tested with variety of testing alcohol devices. Colleges do have laws that prohibit their consumption and possession within the school premises but students always manage to go around to defeating these rules. Besides, most universities have open campuses that are patrolled by university police and security but past events have shown these measures to be inadequate at best.

Alcohol consumption in the school environment is termed as dangerous not because of the long term effects that alcohol may inflict on one’s health but the short term effects. Known as “Binge Drinking”, it is a situation that is brought about by the substantial intake of alcohol that is followed by sporadic episodes of low intake to none at all. This can cause behavioral problems that brings about; skipping classes, unruly behavior, legal and financial problems, unprotected sexual contact, self inflicted injury, depression and serious mood disorders that is a common effect of the winding down effect as the alcohol dissipates. Drunk driving entails high demands due to possible property damage and violent tendencies drunk people often exhibit. Self-inflicted injuries due to severe intoxication can even result in death with a minor injury for impaired reactions can make it worse. Sexual contact without the proper protection carries high risks of spreading diseases such as AIDS/HIV from sources that are already infected.

Violence is a sure result of intoxication for alcohol tends to make one feel invincible and if coupled with drug use can be fatal to the user. The problems with “downers” or drugs that bring a sense of depression and the effects of intoxication can bring about cardiac arrest and organ failure for their effects may be too much that the body can only take too much. It could kill a perfectly healthy person in minutes if left untreated. Alcohol on its own with high enough concentrations can kill a person very quickly if not given intervention in a medical facility.