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A pregnant woman should be careful when it comes to taking medications. Even before conception, which is during the time when ovulation has the egg released from the ovaries when a woman is most likely to get pregnant caution is advised to prevent any side effects from either preventing or undermining the conception process. The period before and after ovulation is a very critical time to avoid any medication without prior advice from a medical professional who is in the best position to determine if she should take or avoid the said drug. Any form of drug, even over-the-counter or non-prescription ones have side effects that can not only affect the woman but the child within her womb. Any medication taken affects the fetus for the presence of these drugs in a woman’s blood stream assures they share the effects and side effects.

A doctor usually determines if the effects of the drug would be of greater benefit to the mother and unborn fetus or the opposite which he can then oppose it’s ingestion. There are certain medications that are considered to be safe for pregnant woman such as paracetamol which is an analgesic that can treat the pains mothers experience during pregnancy. Ibuprofen is another analgesic prescribed to treat the pains and aches associated with pregnancy as well as laxatives to relive constipation.

The above mentioned drugs should be consulted to your doctor prior to ingestion for they might interact in such cases that several types are to be taken at one single time. Any visit to a doctor or dentist which might involve drugs such as a tooth extraction and for treatment of an illness that is not related to your pregnancy should have them informed beforehand to ensure they have knowledge of your condition. This would allow them to prescribe alternative medicine that is considered to be safer than those normally given to regular patients.

Even herbal treatments and supplements should be consulted with your doctor for it doesn’t mean that it isn’t manufactured from pharmaceutical laboratories and all the ingredients come from naturally occurring compounds can make them any safer for your pregnancy. The best practice to observe when one is pregnant is to let your doctor know what medications you usually take and from those, which you can and cannot take. If you are prescribed say by your dentist even if he has knowledge of pregnancy, inform your doctor and ask if the medication truly is safe not because you don’t trust your dentist but simply because you are placing the safety of your baby before you take any unnecessary risks. You and your unborn fetus’s safety should always be considered when it comes to medication for all medication safe or not have side-effects that can be evident in some and absent to most who take it.