How Pregnancy Tests Work

Pregnancy tests, may they utilize blood or urine work on the same basic principle which is the presence of a certain hormone that the female human body only produces during conception. Human Chorionic Gondaotropin (HCG) or the Pregnancy hormone is produced by the gonads or ovaries in the female body. These organs produce the hormone to signal the rest of the body that it is preparing for pregnancy. The body reacts accordingly beginning with the dreaded morning sickness and other signs that are exhibited by the body as it prepares for pregnancy.

Test kits work on the principle of detection where the stripes on the test kits are treated with a special chemical that reacts with the hormone producing the common stripes that signify positive, negative or inconclusive results. The inconclusive results can occur due to the inherent influencing factors such as environmental (temperature, humidity, etc.) or some other problems or deficiencies the body may be exhibiting. This can be resolved by acquiring a new kit and trying again that hopefully will end the anxiety usually caused by false readings. If the test comes up with another inconclusive result, one may opt to go for blood testing at a medical facility that has the ways and means to detect even the slightest trace from the smallest quantity of blood. Though they work on the same hormone, laboratories being designed and provisioned with the proper equipment and its staff trained at the proper procedures can give a better result to check for pregnancy or the lack thereof.

Testing has become a routine process that women have been doing for a long time. This is why these test kits can be found all over the place. They are also classified as a simple test by the FDA which requires no special training and testing can be done with minimal experience and knowledge. One simply has to follow the instructions on the packet or box and the test is done in a few minutes at the most. These pregnancy test kits have varying accuracy so reviewing these products online can be a good way of getting preliminary information regarding these health devices. They can be bought without prescription off-the-shelf and one should read the instructions and other information such as expiry and production dates to ensure accuracy. The package should also be sealed to prevent contamination and ineffectiveness for an open packet can cause the contents to dry out. Some testing kits may not be affected by other factors but just to be sure purchase a sealed and fresh pack. For discounts, they can be bought in sets that can be a good idea for they do last a couple of years and can come in handy for checking unplanned pregnancies.