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Friends or Relatives of Legal Age— Even though individuals face strict punishments for obtaining alcoholic beverages, many choose to obtain alcohol for the underage drinker. In some instances the individual may be an employee of a vendor that sells alcohol.

Wait Outside an Establishment That Sells Alcohol and Asks an Older Customer to Make the Purchase— The individual who accommodates the teenagers request faces stiff penalties for this action.

Steal the Alcohol— Many times, the young drinker is able to obtain alcohol at home or when visiting relatives or friends. Adult drinkers who have a supply of alcohol in the home should monitor their inventory. In some cases, the teenagers have stolen liquor from a neighbor’s garage, their own basement, or other places where alcohol is left unattended.

Purchase the Alcohol Personally— Older teenagers purchase alcohol without being checked for identification. False identification is used by many teenagers to buy alcohol while others are served even though their identification shows they are under twenty-one years of age.

Parents Provide the Alcohol— A lot of times a parent buys alcohol to help a teenager celebrate a special event. A strategy parents sometimes use is to provide alcohol at home in order to keep the young drinkers and their friends off the road.

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