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Pregnancy tests are available to ensure women get the proper care and advice when pregnancy does occur. There are quite a number of organizations and government agencies who provide counseling and advice for women from all walks of life for free. If possible consultations with qualified personnel is advised for they can provide the best advice for the best device to use for testing or may have experience with these test kits due to repeated use. The two options that are currently widely available are urine pregnancy test and blood testing. The first one, urine testing is more of a diagnostic tool rather than a definitive one for it can only assure that the pregnancy is in progress and nothing else. With medical facilities, they can provide more information for blood that is extracted can be used for more tests such as CBC and other diagnostic tests that can show if there are underlying sickness or health problems that can be and have to be addressed to assure the success of the pregnancy.

The blood testing process can determine many factors such as infections to the mother’s body, sickness and many other health related problems that can influence the growth and development of the fetus as it develops in the womb. Some fetuses have died in the womb simply because the mother didn’t know that she was pregnant. The fetus once void of life, can either be re-absorbed by the body or passed on as a discharge from the woman’s body. In any case if one suspects premature birthing, one must always consult a doctor to assure the health of the body and that any matter that can cause problems if it decays within the mother’s womb is removed.

Those who wish to wait and see can do so for it is part of being a parent. Expecting or not expecting a child can be quite nerving to most but just to be sure, choose either one of the two test procedures to ensure the health of both individuals. It also allows the parents ample time to prepare and purchase all necessary supplies and other stuff in preparation for the baby once pregnancy is confirmed. As we have reiterated again and again, get regular check-ups to ensure the health of both parent and child.

The signs a woman exhibits can be a good indicator of pregnancy but to be on the safe side get medical advice as early as you can so one is assured of a worry free pregnancy and a healthy baby. Check-ups can reveal the average age of a fetus through ultrasound where accurate measurements can be made to provide approximate age according to stage of development based on medical standards that are used widely across the globe.