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AMP, COC, Herion, MET, THC

Drug Detection Spray Kit (THC, COC, MET, HER) – 50 tests of each


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Quantity Price
1 - 50 $627.02
51 - 100 $579.01
101+ $534.68
As low as $534.68


Instead of this Aerosol Spray Drugs Residual Test Kit we suggest the new, more convenient PUMP spray Test Kit based on the same technology.
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  • Non-Invasive Detection and identification of most common illegal drugs
  • Accurate and will not make your suspect feel uncomfortable with a drug testing procedure
  • Inexpensive – One drug test assay cost less than any other compatible test
  • Easy to use and do not have to come in contact with urine, saliva etc
  • Safe and Sensitive drug test procedure

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Drug Parameters

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It is the new product size that is able to make 50-55 tests for preliminary detection and identification of 4 drugs from a single trace collection. Wipe any surface once with the special test paper and spraying with D4D will reveal traces of: Hashish or Marijuana, Heroin, Amphetamine and Meth-amphetamine., as orange stains. D4D also includes the COCA-TEST for detecting and identifying Cocaine/Crack.

List of Drugs

Cannabi Can 1 (# 1035)

Cannabi Can 2 (# 1045)

Herosol Can (# 1115)

Coca Can (# 1205)

Meth Can 1 (# 1415)

Meth Can 2 (# 1425)

Collection Papers (# 530 and # 630)

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We are an authorized United States distributor for this product. We proudly serve all our customers in US and US governmental institutions located at any other countries. Please contact your local distributors.



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