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Genabio COVID-19 Over The Counter (OTC) Rapid Antigen Test – (252 Tests/Case)

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The Genabio COVID-19 Over The Counter Antigen Test is all you need to determine your family’s COVID-19 status!

  • Easy-to-use Anterior Nasal Swab Test
  • Requires just 1 test
  • Can be used to test children as young as 2 years old
  • For use with and without COVID-19 symptoms
  • Accurate, Rapid results in 15 minutes
  • No need to send off to a lab to obtain results, read them right on the test cassette
  • Compact packaging for “On-The-Go” testing
  • Comes in a case of 252 individually boxed tests


**All COVID-19 related product orders are non-cancellable and non-returnable**


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  • Firmly rub the swab in a circular motion around the inside wall of the nostril 5 times.  Take approximately 15 seconds to collect the specimen. Be sure to collect any nasal drainage that may be present onto the swab.  Repeat this in the other nostril.
  • Immediately place the swab into the tube and swirl for 30 seconds.
  • Rotate the swab 5 times while squeezing the tube.
  • Remove the swab while squeezing the tube.  Dispose the swab in the trash.
  • Gently squeeze the tube and dispense 4 drops of solution into the Sample Well. Dispose the tube in the trash.
  • Set the timer for 15 minutes. Result should be read at 15 minutes. Do not read after 30 minutes. Dispose the test cassette in the trash.

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  • If only the control line (C) and NO test line (T) appears. This means that no SARS-CoV-2 antigen was detected.
  • If both the control line (C) and test line (T) appear. This means that SARS-CoV-2 antigen was detected.


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