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LSD Surface Residue (Pouch) Drug Test

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  • For the Identification and Detection of Non-Visible (trace) and Bulk amounts of LSD on most surfaces and liquids
  • The LSD Test is designed to detect Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, first synthesized in 1938, as an extremely potent hallucinogen. It is synthetically made from lysergic acid, which is found in ergot, a fungus that grows on rye and other grains. It is so potent its doses tend to be in the microgram range. It’s effects, often called a “trip” can be stimulating, pleasurable, and mind-altering or it can lead to n unpleasant, sometimes terrifying experience called a “bad trip.” found in many forms as a stimulant.
    • Designed to detect trace & bulk amounts of LSD
    • Easy-to-use pouch provides industry leading presumptive testing results.
    • Handheld field test…no calibration needed
    • Sealed system eliminates contamination
    • Removable Swab for acquiring sample or particulate
    • Automated results using a Mobile App that uses advanced algorithms and colorimetric technology.
    • Mobile App provides cutting edge technology that allows the results to be analyzed with most smartphones. Just download the app from the Apple store or the Android store

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510 K #

Drug Parameters



3 Step Process…Swab, Crush and View Results

List of Drugs

LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide)

Additional Information

The Mobile App can also be used to confirm the manual determination of the pouch results by adding a reliable, consistent electronic interpretation


  • Positive Result is indicated by the Swab turning the color PURPLE
  • If you prefer, our free Mobile App will determine/confirm whether your test is positive or negative…Simply download our free Mobile App, from the Apple or Android store, to get your  results automatically. Mobile App provides cutting edge technology that allows the results to be analyzed with most smartphones.


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