On our website we offer our to the customers a choice of either a generic rapid diagnostic products or our two highly regarded brand names: QTEST™ (see below) and Xalex™.
Of course, all of them are very accurate instant diagnostic products and certified by the US Food and Drug Administration. At the same time there are several differences between them:
Our Generic products provide significant price savings compared to the similar products with our brand names.
The QTEST™ on-site diagnostic test kits include a variety of products: drugs of abuse screening tests, ovulation predictors and pregnancy test kits. They are very similar to their generic analogs; but we provide a higher degree in Quality Assurance and Controls. The price differences are insignificant and you can make your own choice regarding the quality and performance.


5 Panel Cup QTEST™ CLIA Waived

7 Panel Cup QTEST™ CLIA Waived

11 Panel Cup QTEST™ CLIA Waived

12 Panel Cup QTEST CLIA Waived

QTEST™ Ovulation Predictor Mini Microscope



There might be several false impressions regarding the quality of a generic test kit:
First of them, is that according to law, any preliminary positive drug testing results must be verified and confirmed by a laboratory assay test.
A second point is that even the highest quality of drug screening test kits provides a 98 to 99% accuracy, compared to a 95-97% in generic test kits. However the opportunity for increased savings could be sufficient enough especially when purchasing in large quantity.

The entire problem of choice between generic drug testing kits and brand named substance of abuse screening products is comparable to the prescription drug market. Generic prescription drugs are cheaper, or in theory, cheaper versions of branded name medications whose patents have run out.

One important benefit regarding generic products is the cheaper price. Manufacturers of generic test kits usually strive to save more money and provide the lowest price.
They did not invest large amounts of money in the research and development of the drug and register their product, as it previously existed. Another source of savings possible is the procedures for quality assurance. Any such sensitive products have some percentage of possible false positive and/or false negative results. There is only a difference of 3-4% of mistakes for generic testing kits and 1-2% in most branded products. Regardless, generic drug screening and other testing kits are as good as brand-name ones. Generic products have the same active ingredients as the original brand name tests.


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All drug test products are intended for preliminary screening purposes. We strongly recommended that accredited laboratory testing is utilized to determine any positive test result. Medimpex United Inc. provides laboratory confirmation services such as these, as well.