Drug testing kits are widespread and easily accessible from the internet and local drug stores. They can come in many forms and shapes that allows fast and easy drug testing even for home use. This is a major concern for parents from all walks of life since the drug problem affects all. Testing can take a few minutes and results can be quite reliable for preliminary results. For a more detailed test you might need the controlled environment of a laboratory which also has the skills and proper equipment to handle and accurately test for drugs.

Many people prefer drug testing kits to public testing mainly for privacy reasons. Most people do not want others to know that their teenage son/daughter is under the influence or is being tested for fear of discrimination but that fear is ill based and should be discarded as pure myth. The problem with drugs affects most people whether we like it or not and awareness is the key to prevention. Schools have programs that define and clearly tackle the problem but parental support is necessary to get the program to work efficiently. Parents should take note of their kid’s behavior and try to get more information as soon as drug use is suspected. Conversations that aim to find a solution rather than confront the problem head on is the best way to deal with it which counters most methods that have been previously used and have even been accredited of causing more problems than solutions.

Traditional methods have been re-thought of and deemed as highly ineffective for they tend to alienate the user rather than deal with the problem in getting onto the road to recovery. Drug testing kits should be approved by the US Food and Drugs Administration who regulated all medical devices and implements that are for public use. This ensures their effectiveness and efficacy through rigorous testing and evaluation that they do on these devices as part of the certification process.

One should only purchase products that are approved and tested by the USFDA to ensure safety and reliability. If the results are conclusive, seek a second opinion through the several accredited testing clinics that abound all over the United States. The secondary follow-up test would be necessary to ensure you are getting the right results before you decide to confront the concerned individual with the preliminary test results. These test devices are prone to errors and can give false results that may cause more conflict than when you started. And better way is to use Brand name tests such Xalex ® or QTEST®

Make sure you follow all instructions on the manual or refer to online guides that are made available by manufacturers on their websites. Expired test kits can give false results and making sure you look for the label is the best indicator that the product is still capable of giving accurate results. They also come in tamper-proof packaging that ensures the quality of the product. Exposure to air or other contaminants can effect their effectiveness and accuracy so make sure the product you aim to use is sealed and isn’t expired. Approach the individual maturely and steer away from confrontation whenever possible. This allows you and the suspected user to deal with the problem together than the usual angry parent disgruntled teen discussions and attitude. You can get advice from counselors at local hospitals, the NIDA, SAMSHA and private groups on how to do and conduct the test in the most unobtrusive manner that would avoid conflict. Done right, these testing kits can be a great pre-cursory evaluation tool for initiating treatment and subsequent recovery from the drug problem.