Finding And Choosing The Right Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy tests can be found on almost every pharmacy or even your local store. They are so common that they can even be bought at the local grocery’s OTC counters or shelves. They are best suited for pregnancy that has had time to develop like say a few weeks of delayed pregnancy. The claims of most test kits that they are able to detect pregnancy even during the first day is a blown up measure of their capabilities.

The most common are test kits that use urine and test kits usually contain a dropper, the test kit and instructions. The best ones are a bit expensive at $20.00 US but are very affordable compared to medical testing in hospitals. But if you have had inconclusive results with these cassette type test kits the only option would be to go to a hospital to get the necessary blood testing that can give you an idea of pregnancy or the lack of. It is important to know as early as possible for there are many precursory safety issues that have to be addressed and preparations have to be done in case pregnancy does occur.

Online stores offer a wide variety of test kits and it would be a good idea to use the internet as a way of reviewing the different types and classifications. A web site, offers a wide variety of testing kits that are priced affordably. Many other suppliers are out on the internet and a simple search would get you all the information you might need in selecting them. Pregnancy test kits can come in cassettes, strips and midstream testing with cassette types as the most common ones that requires the user to obtain a sample in a container and a few drops are placed into a special area. Mid-stream kits are strips of absorbent media that is used as the person using it is in the process of urinating. It is placed into the urine stream as it leaves the body hence the name mid-stream. Test strips are similar to the test strips used by hypoglycemic and can be dipped into a collection container to obtain the sample. These tests usually give results in under five minutes but times may vary with the different types so read the instructions.

Blood testing on the other hand requires a visit to the doctor’s office who obtains a sample of the subject’s blood for testing in a laboratory. They can be more accurate than urine tests for urine contains only trace amounts of pregnancy hormones that is excreted from the body. The blood being the transporter of all nutrients and waste has a better chance of containing enough hormones for a pregnancy test to be conducted. But due to the risks of blood borne pathogens, handling it requires special methods and equipment which is only available in hospitals and clinics.

Whichever you choose the user has all the options or they can check the Health Department’s web site for information regarding pregnancy and many more articles that can provide answers to questions regarding the topic.