Tips for Ovulation Testing

Ovulation lasts for only a few days even if the body waits for about two weeks before the menstrual cycle begins all over again. Testing is done to monitor the levels of LH in urine and raised levels of which signifies that ovulation is underway. With the proper testing and scheduling couples can have better chances to conceive with the help of these ovulation kits and then followed by pregnancy tests. When purchasing ovulation kits, one can opt to buy fertility kits instead that contain both ovulation and pregnancy testing kits in one package. This saves time that would have to be spent in purchasing a separate pregnancy test to determine if pregnancy has indeed been attained.

These fertility kits are available from the same manufacturers and suppliers you could order from internet vendors or through your local pharmacy. Hospital pharmacies may also sell these products along with other health products that their doctors prescribe.

These test kits are used effectively on the day’s first urine release for there is no chance that the person has been influenced by other factors that may alter the results and hormone levels. These influencing factors may be stress or emotional distress, food, drink and medication related so observe the advised first day testing period. Ensure you get the best kit for your money by checking out if the manufacturer and the device itself have been certified to be safe and accurate by the UDFDA which is the regulatory body that approves and conducts testing of these products prior to release on the market. If you do get your hands on unapproved products, do call your health center or office to notify them of such events. You can also report these through the internet on the US Department of Health and Human Services or US FDA, web site for proper action. This ensures that you as part of the general population are protected from illegal devices that are not approved and tested to be safe for use in the US.

Before purchasing the ovulation test kit, check the packaging to ensure that all seals and packaging is intact that is a sure sign of tampering. When you get home store the device according to the storage instructions which is generally at room temperature ready for use the next day when you first take the day’s bathroom trip. Follow the instructions on the packet and wait the appropriate time that is stated on the instructions to give ample time for the device to do it’s job. There are generally two or more colored bands that would appear on the test kit’s result window. First check if the control band is present which would indicate if the test kit has performed properly then follow instructions on the interpretation of the other bands according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

If the result is positive an appropriate follow-up pregnancy test should be used usually in the next couple of days to check if pregnancy has indeed been successful. If positive for pregnancy, get in touch with the proper health authority to get advice and counseling if so required. Oh, and don’t forget to break the good news to your husband.